Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight? Let Hypnotherapy help you attain your goal.

Are you overweight? Do you need to lose weight because you are eating too much food? Are you eating the wrong foods – are you addicted to chocolate or sugar?


Have you been on a diet before?

There are many weight loss diets available today, and generally they fail. They more often than not involve depriving yourself of certain foods in order to shed the pounds. For many people diets only work temporarily, because as soon as the desired weight is achieved they go back to their old eating habits and put on weight again. If this sounds all too familiar, let me help you break the cycle and achieve a permanent solution.


Hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you achieve a change of attitude towards food. If you wish to lose weight you will no longer want to snack on crisps or chocolates, or finish everything on your plate even if you are not hungry. This enables you to enjoy eating healthily and at the same time lose weight in a safe and natural way.


Emotional or habitual issues can lead to overeating.

Weight issues can be impacted by emotional and habitual problems. If we eat to satisfy our minds, rather than because we are physically hungry, it can have a negative impact. It could be that you eat when you are bored or stressed, or perhaps you feel you eat healthily but you eat too much - there is a reason for this.


How many sessions?

Every client is unique and individual; therefore no two clients are the same. The number of sessions depends on the cause of the weight problem and the client's response to the hypnotherapy. I recommend a minimum of three sessions. Some clients may require more, particularly if they need to resolve past emotional issues surrounding the weight problem. Please call me for further advice.


Hypnotherapy is one of the healthiest and effective ways to successfully lose weight. Incorporated into a healthy lifestyle plan you are can look forward to seeing results fast. Contact me for more information.

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