Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist in Essex and City of London



If you’re looking for a  H
ypnotherapist / Psychotherapist in East London or Hypnotherapist / Psychotherapist in Essex then Neil Pickering could help you attain your goals, using a combination of advanced hypnosis, Psychotherapy and associated techniques, such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  



About Neil

Neil is a registered clinical Hypnotherapist and offers a professional, caring and discreet service from his practice in Woodford Green, Essex, Greater London and on-line.

It is essential for the Clinical Hypnotherapist to utilise the most effective tools available today. Neil has continued to adopt new developments and techniques post his training in Advanced Hypnotherapy.

He has been trained by some of the world's leading exponents in their fields.

U.S: Cal Banyan; World renowned Master Hypnotist ( 5Path Hypnosis) ( 7th Path Self Hypnosis)

Gerald Kein; World renowned Master Hypnotist.

Dr David Muss; Originator of the "Rewind Technique" for Post traumatic Stress Disorder.

Nick Davies; Renowned therapist and Sports Performance coach.

Neil is a certified Advanced Practitioner of The General Hypnotherapy Register, a certified Advanced 5Path Practitioner and a registered practitioner with the National Guild of Hypnotists, which is recognised worldwide with membership in over 70 countries, and a member of MENSA.  Neil adheres to the codes of ethics and conduct of these organisations.

Neil is a certified Psychotherapist    ( CTAA )

Unlike many hypnotherapists who use only suggestion hypnosis to help their clients overcome their problems or achieve their goals, Neil also uses analytical hypnotherapy, together with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, where appropriate.

Neil is a certified Master Practitioner of NLP.      CPNLP DNLP

This combination achieves greater success in a shorter period.  Analytical hypnotherapy techniques enable us get to the root cause of the problem so you can let go of any unhelpful underlying emotions and feelings. NLP techniques are used to help motivate and to change negative feelings into positive ones. Where there is an unwanted, negative habit or behaviour, I will help you break the behaviour and replace it with something better for you.

You are unique; the approach I take is tailored to the individual in order to achieve the desired result. My goal is to always work within a framework of honesty, genuine care, confidentiality and support.